Granite Tile Installation Home Makeover in Ottawa

Creating Dramatic Change in Your Home
Ever watch a reality shows on home makeovers and are surprised by how differently a house can look for only a small investment? If you look carefully, you'll notice that the majority of the money is spent on only two things: tiling and paint! That's because those are the two simple things that can create dramatic change. For flooring, you should invest in something timeless and that can withstand a lot of pressure. Granite tiling is a wonderful choice for a home renovation because of its hardness and durability. There are many granite quarries in Canada, with one being in Quebec! If you are living in Ottawa or the surrounding area, the price for shipping these tiles will be cheaper. Want to change the look of your home with a couple simple steps? Install granite tiles in your Ottawa home!
Ask a Professional
Though it may seem like a simple task to install granite tiles, it is best to consult a professional, unless you are very knowledgeable and have experience doing it before. Granite tiles are extremely heavy and can be expensive, so you don't want to waste time, energy and money doing it incorrectly. A professional will also have all the appropriate tools to cut the tiles to your desired size without overheating the machine, which can easily happen due to the stone's hardness. Though you may have ideas about what the latest trends are and the aesthetic appeal you are going for, a contractor or professional will be able to tell you the technical benefits or downfalls of doing it a certain way. They can describe the practicality of installing the tiles and can even offer ideas for color choices, as they have a wealth of previous experience completing it for other home renovations.
The Installation Process
A professional or contractor will show you that the mounting surface and substrate is very important when installing granite due to the weight of this natural stone. They will most likely hammer down some plywood or backer board before installing; a similar process to when putting in hardwood flooring. The next step is to apply a thin layer of the substrate mixture to the underlay, after which the tiles can be placed, leaving room in between to account for grouting. If you want a more uniform look between your tiles, ask the installer to place the tiles as close together as possible, then to color the grout so that it matches the tiles before putting it on. Grout must be applied in either option to ensure that no dust or dirt gets in between the tiles. The last step of the installation process is spreading on the sealant. Sealant is necessary for granite tiles because the stone is slightly porous, meaning that it can absorb substances and will stain. Twice a year you will have to reseal the tiles as it may reduce in effectiveness over time.
Though the steps for installing granite might seem simple and straightforward, you will notice that on those home renovation shows, they always have a professional doing it! So let the experts do what they do best and instead minimize costs by painting the rooms yourself.